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If your child has occlusal disharmony, by monitoring from an early age, effective early interceptive treatments can be provided to guide tooth positioning & help minimize the need for braces.

By 1 year of age, shortly after first teeth start to erupt, is a good time to introduce good oral
hygiene and nutrition practices. We will show you ways to make that easy and fun for your child.

This refers to health of all the structures of the face, neck, mouth and throat:

  • discolourations, asymmetry, swelling
  • any occlusal issues such as Interference, speech impediments or biting problems
  • bone pain &/or swelling

 Ideally wait for adult teeth to fully erupt with completed root formation, which occurs around 16-20 years of age. 

  • prior to this time, the chemicals in the whitening agents may create sensitivity in teeth, which can lead to an inflammatory reaction inside the tooth/teeth

We recommend a check up every 6 months to help keep your child’s teeth healthy. We assess for decay & monitor the eruption of teeth & the developing occlusion as your child grows.

Pediatric patients do not get amalgam fillings in our practice. Resin fillings are done. Also, crowns are used on teeth where necessary.

If your child sustains the following trauma we suggest you have them checked as soon as possible:

  • hits their tooth
  • tooth discolours
  • tooth chips
  • tooth moves or displaces
  • can’t bite or jaw sifted

If you have any of the following concerns about your child’s oral health, we recommend that you contact our clinic to book an appointment:

  • stain that can’t be removed
  • teeth hurt sometimes
  • can see decay, even when it doesn’t hurt
  • gums bleed when brushed
  • a swelling comes and goes
  • ear aches
  • anything unusual around or inside the mouth

Pit & fissure Sealant  – A resin based material that helps protect teeth against tooth decay. It’s applied to the biting surface of the tooth in a liquid form.The liquid coats the grooves & pits. The sealant is cured with a visible light source. The durability of a sealant is determined by a number of variables, such as oral hygiene, diet & habits.

Fluoride Varnish
This is a time released topical fluoride varnish to apply fluoride to children’s teeth.

When your child leaves our clinic, the teeth will be coated with the varnish. You will notice the coating. They will look nicer the next day, when the varnish has had its maximum effect & has worn off.

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